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Who is Eligible

Junior golfers who love golf and want to spend their summers at a golf club.

Through an application process junior golfers will be given access to golf memberships at area golf clubs or receive other funding to help pursue their golf dreams.

Junior golfers between the ages of 9 and 17, as of January 1, whose parents are not members of any golf club, are eligible for the KHJGI. Juniors must have some on-course experience in order to qualify for the program.

Selection Process

We are looking for kids who want to play a minimum of 30-40 times a season.

Juniors will be selected by a committee based on several criteria including need, circumstance, dedication to the game, attitude, eagerness to improve, and golf potential.


Juniors who have been accepted into the program will be contacted by our Selection Committee ASAP
and no later than June 20th each year. Selection of Juniors and memberships will be granted on a yearly basis.

If you qualify for the program please fill out the appropriate form below to apply.


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